Antique & Vintage Photographic Equipment

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See also Huttig

Default Image Icarette 6 x 6 cm rollfilm Folding (Rollfilm)
Default Image Lloyd-Cupido (Model 540) 3¼ x 4¼ rollfilm with plate adapter Folding (Rollfilm)
Thumbnail of Ica Stereo Ideal Model 650 camera Stereo Ideal 650 9 x 18 cm plates Folding (Plate) / Stereo
Default Image Volta 146 9 x 12 cm plates Folding (Plate)

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Ihagee Kamerawerk

Default Image Roll-Paff-Reflex 120 rollfilm Single Lens Reflex

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See also Film Comparison Chart.pdf

Illingworth Illingworth's Roll Film Camera 3¼ x 4¼ rollfilm Boxform (Rollfilm)

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Jeanneret & Co.

Default Image Monobloc 6 x 13cm plate / sheet film Stereo / Falling Plate or Magazine

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