Antique & Vintage Photographic Equipment

Monobloc Camera

Jeanneret & Cie.

Name: Monobloc
Manufacturer: Jeanneret & Cie.
Country of Origin: France
Construction: Metal bodied camera for stereo plates, with built-in magazine.
Production Period: 1922 - 1930 +


Model / Variant: Simple model
Plate / Film Size: 6 x 13 cm plates
Lens: Saphir Boyer f4.5
Shutter: Pneumatic shutter
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: c1925
Serial Number: Body serial 8547; lens serial 29152 & 29166
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Inventory Number: 514

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Small solidly built camera for stereo shots on 6 x 13 cm plates or sheet film. Equipped with a pneumatic shutter (still working, though speeds not checked).

This is the simple model, without the ability to slide the lens panel across so that the camera could take panoramic shots.

Metal body, partially leather covered. Newton finder (original fit). Spirit level on top face, now dry. This example retains original lens covers. The camera came in an original lined hide case, complete with 4 plateholders, cable release and film pack adapter.

A plate on one end identifies the maker.


This camera is not as common as the more familiar French Verascope cameras (Jules Richard), which were made in large numbers but with many variations.