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Illingworth's Roll Film Camera


Name: Illingworth's Roll Film Camera
Manufacturer: Illingworth, but probably made for them by APeM (Amalgamated Photographic Manufacturers)
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Construction: Wooden bodied box camera; side loading.
Production Period: Unknown


Plate / Film Size: Illingworth's Roll Film No 20 (2¼" x 3¼")
Lens: Unknown
Shutter: Simple T, I shutter
Dimensions (h x l x w):  
Date of this Example: c1930
Serial Number: None
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  • Scarce [x]
Inventory Number: 23


Slightly improved version of the APeM box camera, but exactly the same basic wooden construction, suggesting that they were made by the same source. The camera is finished in blue leatherette.


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A round Illingworth blue enamel badge showing a young boy carrying an oversized box of film is located on the front face of the camera. It is therefore likely that the camera was sold to promote sales of the film.


This is the only example of this camera that I have ever encountered. If others have examples, then I would be please to hear from you.

I have been building up a comparison matrix of different film sizes & numbering, which includes Illingworth film.  This is based upon information taken from standard references and accumulated from film labels in cameras (such as this one) and contemporary advertising.  The current version is available in pdf format here.