Antique & Vintage Photographic Equipment

Index by Camera Manufacturer (U)

E & T Underwood

Default Image Instanto ¼ plate Wood & Brass / Tailboard
Tourograph Tourograph ¼ plate Wood & Brass / Field

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Universal Camera Corp.

Image of Univex Model A camera Univex Model "A" No 00 rollfilm Boxform (Rollfilm) / Premium

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Default Image Field camera ¼ plate Wood & Brass / Field
Default Image Hand & Stand camera ¼ plate Hand & Stand
Unknown Hand & Stand Camera Hand & Stand camera with focal plane shutter ¼ plate Hand & Stand
Image of The Standard Camera The Standard Camera Whole plate (8½ x 6½) Wood & Brass / Field
Default Image The Viewograph Camera / Box plate camera 3½ x 2½ plates Boxform (Plate)
Thumbnail of unknown plate box camera Unmarked Plate Box Camera 2 x 2 plate Boxform (Plate)
Thumbnail of unknown hand or detective camera Unmarked Plate Detective Camera ¼ plate Boxform (Plate) / Detective
Default Image Unmarked rollfilm camera 3¼ x 4¼ rollfilm Folding (Rollfilm)
Default Image Vest Pocket Plate Camera (Busch Vier-Sechs?) ⅛ (VP) plate Folding (Plate)

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