Antique & Vintage Photographic Equipment

Index by Camera Manufacturer (G)


Image of Glunz Mod 3 camera Glunz-Camera Mod 3 9 x 12cm plate Folding (Plate)

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Image of Goerz Ango camera Goerz Ango Strut Folding Camera 9 x 12cm plate Folding (Plate)

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Graflex (Folmer & Schwing Division, Eastman Kodak Co)

Default Image Graflex 1A / Folmer & Schwing Division 116 Autographic rollfilm Single Lens Reflex
Thumbnail of Folmer & Schwing Auto Graflex camera Auto Graflex / Folmer & Schwing Division ¼ plate / film pack Single Lens Reflex
Default Image Graflex - Series B / Folmer & Schwing Division 2¼ x 3¼ rollfilm Single Lens Reflex

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Griffiths, Walter & Co Ltd

Default Image Guinea Hand Camera ¼ plate Detective

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Gundlach Optical Co

Default Image Milburn Korona Hand Camera 5 x 7 plate Folding (Plate)

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