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Auto Graflex

Eastman Kodak Co., Folmer & Schwing Division

Name: Auto Graflex
Manufacturer: Eastman Kodak Co., Folmer & Schwing Division
Country of Origin: USA
Construction: Standard reflex format with waste level viewing onto ground glass screen through viewing hood. Leather covered wooden body; integral mirror assembly and focal plane shutter
Production Period: 1907 - 1923


Model / Variant: Folding hood with front hinge (c1911-1915)
Plate / Film Size: 3¼" x 4¼" plate / film pack
Lens: Zeiss Tessar f4.5 135mm
Shutter: Graflex focal plane shutter to 1/1000
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: c1913 estimated from serial number based on data published in McKeown ([1], p365)
Serial Number: Serial number 25338 stamped onto body just inside hood in front of catch.
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Inventory Number: 63


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From McKeown, this Folmer & Schwing Auto Graflex is the variant with the folding hood with front hinge. Serial #25338 is stamped into the body just inside the latch for the hood. According to McKeown [1], serial 47,000 started in 1915 and this pattern of folding hood dates from c1911 - 1915. So maybe the date of the camera is early in its production - c1913 is a best guess.

The camera came complete with 4 original Graflex dark slides, a ¼ plate sheet film magazine and a ½ plate sheet film magazine, all in an original NORCO hard case by Brexton Ltd.

Apparently the camera belonged to an English photographer, a Mr Johnston, operating in the Beaconsfield area up to the Second World War, who had a studio in the old part of the town. It had sat unused since his death in about 1950. If anyone can provide any further information about My Johnston, I would be pleased to hear from you.

The camera carries a Sands, Hunter & Co label on the front.