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Glunz-Camera Mod 3

G. Glunz & Sohn Kamerawerk

Name: Glunz-Camera Mod 3
Manufacturer: G. Glunz & Sohn Kamerawerk
Country of Origin: Germany (Hanover)
Construction: Folding plate camera of standard construction with aluminium body and imitation black leather covering.  Single extension black bellows.
Production Period: 1930 - ?


Model / Variant: Model 3G
Plate / Film Size: 9 x 12 cm plate
Lens: Glunz Anastigmat f6.3
Shutter: Vario (1/25, 1/50, 1/100, B & T)
Movements: Vertical (micrometer) & horizontal shift
Dimensions (w x h x l): 11 x 16 x 5 (closed)
Date of this Example: c1930
Serial Number: None
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Inventory Number: 441


The Glunz Mod 3 camera is a basic 9 x 12cm plate camera with radial lever focus and micrometer screw setting for vertical adjustment. Finder in centre of lens standard. Wire frame finder fitted as well.

Camera has a metal body, covered in black leatherette material. This model has a U-shaped metal lens standard, Thr camera is quite typical of the mass produced plate cameras that were available at a relatively modest price in this period.


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This model, as with many other Glunz cameras, was made over a long period (at least 1913 to 1930 according to McKeown), but went through several transitions in design over that period. The example is a late form as it has an aluminium (as opposed to wood) body and a frame finder, which was introduced in 1930.

There are many different models available although their basic form is similar. Rollfilm cameras are also to be found by this maker.