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Graflex 1A

Eastman Kodak Co., Folmer & Schwing Division

Name: Graflex 1A
Manufacturer: Eastman Kodak Co., Folmer & Schwing Division
Country of Origin: USA
Production Period: 1909 - 1925


Model / Variant: Later version with folding hood and autographic feature
Plate / Film Size: 116 Autographic rollfilm
Lens: Bausch Lomb Tessar f4.5
Shutter: Graflex focal plane shutter
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: c1916 (estimated from serial number based on data published in McKeown ([1], p365)
Serial Number: Serial number 54579 on lens board
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Inventory Number: 67

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Folmer & Schwing Graflex 1A camera in nice condition - bellows are showing the greatest sign of ageing. Age is difficult to pin-point with any precision. The autographic feature was introduced in 1915 and the camera has later style of fold-up hood. F & S Division indicates a date up to 1917, and the serial number suggests that it perhaps dates to 1916.

The external leather is in good condition. Metal parts have lost their burnished finish through use and the brass shows through, but remain in good condition.