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Default Image The Duplak 9 x 12cm on rollfilm or plate Combination

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Newman & Guardia

Default Image Baby Sybil 4.5 x 6 cm plate Folding (Plate)
Default Image Folding Reflex ¼ plate / Rollfilm Single Lens Reflex
Default Image Nydia ¼ plate Folding (Plate)
Default Image New Special Sybil 2½ x 3½ plate Folding (Plate)
Image of New Special Sybil (rollfilm) camera New Special Sybil 2½ x 3½ rollfim (120) Folding (Rollfilm)
Default Image Sybil Excelsior 2½ x 4¼ rollfilm Folding (Rollfilm)
Image of the Sybil Plate camera made by Newman & Guardia Sybil 2½ x 3½ plate / filmpack Folding (Plate)
Image of Newman & Guardia Trellis camera Trellis Camera ¼ plate Hand & Stand
Thumbnail of Newman & Guardia Universal camera Universal Special Model B ¼ plate Boxform (Plate)

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