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Duplak Camera

Nettel Camerawerk

Name: Duplak
Type: Combination Camera
Manufacturer: Nettel Camerawerk Sondheim
Country of Origin: Germany
Construction: Combination camera with fully detachable rollfilm back, taking exposures 9 x 12cm. It consists of a fairly standard plate camera that slots in sideways into the rollfilm back, at which stage it then resembles a conventional rollfilm folding camera. Leather covered metal and wood body.
Production Period: Unknown


Plate / Film Size: 9 x 12cm on rollfilm or plate
Lens: Aplanat-Symetrical
Shutter: Unknown
Movements: Rising and cross front
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: c1911
Serial Number: Serial 263 on the rear face of the plate section and the inside face of the rollfilm back.
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Inventory Number: 475

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The Nettel Duplak is a combination camera, described in McKeown as "basically a plate camera with an attached rollfilm back".

Double extension black leather bellows; U-style lens standard with rising & cross front.; Brilliant finder with spirit level (still has liquid intact). Two scales for film & plate. Mixed aluminium and wood body.

Leather covering is generally in good condition, although there are some scars and wear marks. The only obvious deficiency is that the dark slide is missing that is required to cover the rollfilm when removing the back.