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Graflex Series B

Eastman Kodak Co., Folmer & Schwing Division

Name: Graflex Series B
Manufacturer: Eastman Kodak Co., Folmer & Schwing Division
Country of Origin: USA
Production Period: 1925 - 1926


Plate / Film Size: 2¼" x 3¼" plate / film pack
Lens: Bausch Lomb - Zeiss Tessar f4.5
Shutter: Graflex focal plane shutter to 1/1000
Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 4⅜"
Date of this Example: 1925
Serial Number: Serial number 134691 inside the cover protecting the hood (remove the hood to see it).
Serial on lens is 2111387.
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Inventory Number: 235

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This example of the Folmer & Schwing Graflex Series B camera is in very good condition. The camera was only produced for a short period, 1925 to 1926. In a UK Photographic Catalogue (George & Welch, Worcester) that is apparently dated 1927, it is described as "This compact little reflex camera - the smallest 'Graflex' made - measures only 5 x 5 x 4⅜ inches".

The external leather is in very good condition. Metal parts are also in good order. There is slight wear to the bottom surface. Handle is intact and in good order. It is equipped with a film pack holder.


This is the least common size of this camera; it was only made for a short period.