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Ihagee Kamerawerk

Name: Roll-Paff-Reflex
Manufacturer: Ihagee Kamerawerk
Country of Origin: Germany
Construction: Basic construction similar to a conventional rollfilm box camera. However the body incorporates a mirror assembly and a reflex viewing hood, which folds down onto the top of the body. Leatherette covered wooden body.
Production Period: 1923-1932


Model / Variant: Improved Model
Plate / Film Size: 120 rollfilm (for pictures 6 x 6 cm)
Lens: Simple fixed focus achromatic
Shutter: T & I (mirror activation)
Movements: None
Dimensions (w x h x l): 8.5 x 12.5 x 13.5 cm
Date of this Example: TBC
Serial Number: Serial #39102 stamped into wood on face between main body and rollfilm holder.
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Inventory Number: 467

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Simple box-style SLR, with lever operated mirror mechanism (lever is on the front face, confirming that this is the improved model). This example is in rather poor condition, as it has many dings and wear; the leatherette covered wood body has seen much use. However it has been retained in the collection as it is an unusual design.

With the lever on the front face pushed down, the mirror is positioned to allow the image to be examined on the ground glass screen through the viewing hood. Releasing the mirror (which is stiff on this example), allows the film to be exposed. However, the aperture slide (3 different sized holes) has to be pulled up as it also acts as a lens cover.