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Ica AG

Name: Lloyd-Cupido
Manufacturer: Ica AG
Country of Origin: Germany
Construction: Self-erecting rollfilm camera of metal construction in a conventional vertical format.
Production Period: 1922-1925


Model / Variant: Model 540
Plate / Film Size: 3¼" x 4¼" rollfilm with ¼ plate adapter
Lens: Heckla f6.8 135mm, with radial focusing
Shutter: Compur compound shutter
Movements: Rising front
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: c1925
Serial Number: Has the serial C 80276 inside the back. 687 is marked on the inside face of the lens.
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Inventory Number: 238

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This camera is clearly identifiable. It carries the Ica name on the back (on the plate adapter), the Ica badge on the baseboard, the Cupido name on the front and the Lloyd-Cupido name on the handle. Like the earlier Huttig Lloyd-Cupido, this is self-erecting but has a more complex mechanism that incorporates an adjustment for both plates and rollfilm, which compensates for the different positions of the film plane.

The viewfinder is on a sprung mechanism to allow the camera to be closed.

McKeown [1] lists the model 560, but not the 540. The 560 model is a horizontal format and is described as "rare".

The spirit level is empty and the rising front has significant damage (unfortunately the threaded screw is both stripped and bent out of shape and no longer functions). The black bellows are sound.