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Huttig Lloyd-Cupido

R. Hüttig & Sohn, A. G.

Name: Lloyd-Cupido
Manufacturer: R. Hüttig & Sohn, A.G.
Country of Origin: Germany
Construction: Self-erecting rollfilm camera of metal construction.
Production Period: ? - 1909


Plate / Film Size: 3¼ x 4¼" rollfilm
Lens: Beck Symmetrical
Shutter: Unknown
Movements: None
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: c1907
Serial Number: Serial 69016 inside the back.
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Inventory Number: 217


The initial identification of this camera was established from a description and picture in the Zeiss Ikon book by Tubbs [6, p11], which shows a later model. This one has twin finders that are very similar to those fitted to the Atom plate camera.

Another unusual feature is that the lens is focused by means of a lever that then turns the lens on a helical thread to focus.

The camera carries the 'Carbine' name on a badge on the side, indicating that it was sold by Butcher. It is also marked with the 5 pointed star (as used by Ica later).

The identity and date was confirmed by Dietar Scheiba, a German camera expert. His reply reads ...

"the [camera is] a Hüttig Lloyd-Cupido. But I can't find in any of my catalogs a Lloyd-Cupido with twin finders - the same one as on the Atom. The 'Cupido' cameras are self-erecting.  David's camera has a helical focusing lens, this means 1907 or slightly earlier, because in 1907 Hüttig changed over to focusing on a baseboard rack with a radial lever. The 5 pointed star was the original Hüttig trademark, it was just taken over when several companies merged in October 1909 to form the new ICA company."

See also the later Ica version of this camera.


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Selfix Carbine Advert
Selfix Carbine Advert

The camera is shown in an advert in the back of the Primus Handbook produced by W. Butcher, shown on the left.

(Click on the image to open a larger version).

The date of this edition is uncertain, but is likely to be about 1907. Other editions of this handbook were dated explicitly; another I have is dated 1903 and lists various Carbine cameras, but none of this pattern and none under the Selfix name.