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Tele-Photo Cycle Poco D Camera

Rochester Camera Company

Name: Tele-Photo Cycle Poco D Camera
Type: Hand & Stand Camera
Manufacturer: Rochester Camera Company
Country of Origin: US
Construction: Folding self-casing hand & stand camera with triple extension bellows to allow telephoto lenses to be used. Leather covered wooden box with solid baseboard.
Production Period: 1899 - 1903
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Plate / Film Size: 5 x 7 plate
Lens: Gundlach Optical Co 5 x 7 SVM
Shutter: Gundlach Opt Co T,B,I (2 to 1/50)
Movements: Rising and cross front; rotating back
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: c1900
Serial Number: 116122 stamped into inside of camera (inside top face)
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Inventory Number: 341


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The Tele-Photo Cycle Poco D camera is a large folding plate camera for 5 x 7 plates. It has triple extension bellows and a reversible back. There are two focusing scales on baseboard, presumably to suit different lens combinations. The bellows are maroon and in good order; they retain the double set of fixing loops.

The handle is damaged - one end tab is missing and it is quite worn.  The camera body has some scuffs and marks from wear, with small areas of missing leather, notably on the bottom corners and on the back. The internal condition is excellent. The mahogany has good colour and level of polish, while the brasswork retains much of its original lacquer and is in good order. The finder is in good condition and is fitted with a ball bearing level.


While common in the US, these cameras do not turn up very often in the UK unless being sold on by other collectors. Examples of these cameras are likely to have to be purchased directly from the US, as was this example.