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The Companion Camera

Parker & Co

Name: The Companion Camera
Type: Field Camera
Manufacturer: Parker & Co
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Construction: Well made field camera of mahogany with brass fittings, dovetail joints and square section tapered bellows.
Production Period: Unknown


Plate / Film Size: plate
Lens: None
Shutter: None
Movements: Tilting back, rising front
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: c1897
Serial Number: No serial found
  • Common [ ]
  • Uncommon [ ]
  • Hard to Find [ ]
  • Scarce [x]
Inventory Number: 666

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The Companion Camera made by Parker & Co is a well made plate field camera, with square section bellows. The lens board is missing. The camera is described in Channing & Dunn [2] in the Supplementary Listing, but with limited details.

A plate on the rear of camera identifies it by name, along with the maker's name and their address at 288 High Holborn. According to Channing & Dunn, this was their address from 1897, so hence the estimated date of the camera.