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Baby Sybil Plate Camera

Newman & Guardia

Name: Baby Sybil Plate Camera
Type: Folding Plate Camera
Manufacturer: Newman & Guardia Ltd.
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Construction: Folding bed plate camera, fitted with trellis style side struts to support the lens standard (as with other Sybil models), but designed for VP size plates.
Production Period: 1912 - 1940 (when a new range was introduced)


Plate / Film Size: 4.5 x 6 cm plate
Lens: Ross 75mm Xpres f4.5 No 86076
Shutter: N & G patent shutter
Movements: Rising front, cross front
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: c1917
Serial Number: B786 stamped onto focussing slider along with patent dates
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Inventory Number: 407

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The Baby Sybil is a wonderful VP sized plate camera. This example is in good cosmetic condition but has a non-functional shutter and very stiff bellows.

The camera has been held in a small hide, velvet lined case which has therefore protected the outer leather on the camera although it does show signs of wear through use. It came with an exposure record book that shows clearly that it was much used (date of 1946 found on one page about half way through).

The camera retains its ground glass screen and carrier, plus two of its N&G DDS (numbered 5 thro' 8). Brightwork is in good order.

Original hide case, velvet lined in good condition. Strap intact. The case is oversized for the camera, but perhaps right if it had all the plateholders with it.

The camera was manufactured from 1912 until about 1940, though most were made before 1920. From serial data available on the Early Photography web site, this example appears to date to about 1917.


The Baby variant turn up from time to time, but their condition does vary and care should be taken to examine any example carefully before purchase.