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Pocket Monroe A Camera

Monroe Camera Company

Name: Pocket Monroe A Camera
Type: Strut Camera
Manufacturer: Monroe Camera Company
Country of Origin: US
Construction: Folding strut camera, where front and rear panels move apart on scissor style struts for operation. It collapses down to a very compact unit.
Production Period: Unknown


Plate / Film Size: ¼ plate
Lens: Unknown - rotating waterhouse stops on front
Shutter: Simple T & I shutter
Movements: None
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: c1899
Serial Number: None
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Inventory Number:  409

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The Monroe Pocket A camera is a very compact strut type folding plate camera. This model was apparently the last that was produced prior to the merger into Rochester Optical & Camera Co. (according to McKeown, [1]). This camera was bought in the UK and has the unusual extra of a rollfilm holder attachment, which is clearly intended for use with the camera as it shares special pin fittings with the plate holder back.

The camera is in good condition, with minor scuffs and damage to the leather. Internally it is in very good order, with attractive maroon bellows and brasswork that remains in good condition. The only questionable element is the strap, which is almost certainly a DIY replacement.