Antique & Vintage Photographic Equipment

Tropical Soho Reflex Camera

Marion and Company Limited

Name: Tropical Soho Reflex
Type: Single Lens Reflex / Tropical
Manufacturer: Marion & Co. Ltd.
Country of Origin: United Kingdom (London)
Construction: Single Lens Reflex in postcard size in polished teak (tropical) with brass binding and red Russian leather bellows and hood.
Production Period: Introduced in 1909


Plate / Film Size: 3½ x 5½ plate (postcard size)
Lens: None (sadly)
Shutter: Kershaw focal-plane
Movements: Rising front
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: c1910
Serial Number: M586
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Inventory Number: 419

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This example of the Tropical Soho Reflex camera is sadly incomplete in that it is missing its lens board, which may have had a single lens for use as a postcard camera or possibly stereo lenses.

Fantastic, stunning polished teak bodied brass bound SLR, for postcard sized plates but stereo capable. The red leather bellows and hood are both in very fine condition.

The teak body is in fine condition with no obvious damage. The brass work is tarnished and has a golden patina. It is complete with both viewing screens and three numbered DDS. The shutter is non-operational although the curtains appear to be intact. However part of the mechanism has broken, although the missing piece was subsequently sent to me by the seller. It is apparent that the owner, a police photographer apparently, had removed the film counter that is broken (screw mounting has sheared off it appears).

Serial M586 is stamped into the side of the revolving back.

Original hide case. Velvet lined, but very worn. One edge piece of the lid is doing its best to come off. The fastening straps have long since come away.