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Soho Reflex Camera

Marion and Company Limited

Name: Soho Reflex
Type: Single Lens Reflex
Manufacturer: Marion & Co. Ltd.
Country of Origin: United Kingdom (London)
Construction: Single Lens Reflex in uncommon size, finished in conventional black leather over a wooden frame, with black leather viewing hood.
Production Period: Introduced in 1909


Plate / Film Size: 2½ x 3½ plate
Lens: Tessar f4.5 135mm No 878963, with Car Zeiss Jena lens cover.
Shutter: Kershaw focal-plane
Movements: Rising front and rotating back
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: c1930
Serial Number: M3383 stamped into the side of the revolving back
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Inventory Number: 50

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Soho Reflex camera with a conventional black leather covered body in good condition, but very difficult to date (could have been made well into the late 20s). However, the T & I setting dial is a conical knob. According to information on the excellent Early Photography web site, this means that the camera dates to 1928 or later (consistent with the high serial number).

This is an fairly uncommon size, taking plates that are 2½ x 3½.