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The Vesca Camera

London Stereoscopic Company

Name: The Vesca Camera
Manufacturer: London Stereoscopic Company
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Construction: Strut folding camera for plates. Leather covered aluminium body with pleated bellows.
Production Period: Unknown
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Plate / Film Size: 4.5 x 6cm VP plate
Lens: Goerx Dagor III f6.8 75mm (No 278883)
Shutter: Guillotine T,B,I (1 - 1/250)
Movements: None
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: c1898
Serial Number: Serial on lens only - no other markings apparent on the camera itself.
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Inventory Number: 531


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The London Stereoscopic company Vesca camera is a named variant of the Goerz V.P. Tenax folding strut camera. It is marked on the front "The Stereoscopic Co's Vesca Camera 106/8 Regent St. London W".

The camera is finished in a very dark green leather (apart from the lens panel) over an aluminium body with black pleated bellows. There are some scratches to the painted front panel, mostly on the lower edge, but otherwise it is in very good condition.

The camera has been well protected by its strong hide case, which carries a badge on the inside of the lid for The London Stereoscopic Co Ltd, Hanover Square, Regent Street.

The back is fitted with a sheet film holder. The case has a small pocket in the back, which holds the ground glass screen adapter, which is still present and in very good condition.


The condition of these cameras can vary quite significantly. A key factor that influences the condition is whether the camera is cased as this tends to limit the damage to the front face and edges. This example retains its original hide case, which has done a great job of protecting the camera in the many years that it has been stored away unused.