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Delta Folding Camera


Name / Model: Delta
Manufacturer: Krügener
Country of Origin: Germany
Production Period: 1898 - 1903 (from McKeown [1])


Plate / Film Size: 9 x 12 cm plates and rollfilm
Lens: Doppelanastigmat f6.8
Shutter: In-built spring shutter
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: c1900
Serial Number: Serial 89476 impressed into the back on the outside. Number 198 stamped into inside of back and in bottom of camera just by the baseboard hinge line.
Label inside back stating "Katalog No 324 D.A Doppelanastigmat". The '324 D.A.' is handwritten in black ink.
Lens carries no 87730 on its rim (can be seen from inside camera).
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Inventory Number: 247

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Early type of Delta camera for plates or rollfilm (one empty spool still in camera). The Delta cameras were made by Krügener in Germany, but this example bears a plate on the top for the retailer "Ottomar Anschutz, Berlin W".

The bodywork is in very good condition, with little obvious wear to the leather covering. All the clips and fastenings are intact, and the original handle is in place though a little thin.

The brass work on the shutter and baseboard are tarnished and worn, through use and age.

The shutter no longer appears to operate. There is a dial, which I assume affects the speed. Another two position lever presumably selects time or instant. There are several other fittings whose purpose is unclear. There are tiny holes around the shutter/lens opening as if some other fitting had been applied - an external shutter perhaps?

There is an icon impressed into the wood inside the camera back, which looks like a sun rising from the sea, with a triangle sail with 'Ag' within it, the trade mark of Krügener.

The bellows are in good condition, though a little stained and thin of their maroon colouring. There are no obvious tears or holes.


The Krügener company was founded in 1888 and made many different cameras, both plate and rollfilm, folding and box styles. They were taken over when Hüttig, Wünsche and Carl Zeiss Palmos merged in 1909 to form Ica AG. The Krügener factory was closed. However, some of the camera names used by Krügener continued under Ica.