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No 4 Kodak Camera

Eastman Kodak Company

Name: No 4 Kodak Camera
Manufacturer: Eastman Kodak Co
Country of Origin: USA
Construction: Leather covered wood box with string set shutter and integral rollholder. Rack and pinion focus with control on the top face of the camera. Front panel can be removed to provide access to the lens to adjust the aperture and shutter speed. Two rectangular reflecting finder.
Production Period: 1889 - 1897


Plate / Film Size: Darkroom loaded with 48 or 100 exposure rollfilm for 5" x 4" pictures
Lens: Bausch & Lomb Universal
Shutter: Sector type, string set
Movements: None
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: c1895
Serial Number: Serial number 9664 is impressed into top face at rear and again at top of back of integral rollholder.
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Inventory Number: 245

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The No 4 Kodak is a leather covered wooden box in good condition, though showing some signs of corner damage (minor) and some odd nicks and scratches to leather covering. The shutter string is intact and the button is present. The separate lens cover is also present, although quite worn. There is film still in the camera. Winder present.

This model must be post 1892 since it is labelled as EKC rather than 'The Eastman Company'.

This model of the No 4 Kodak string set has a counter, which Coe [4] states means that it is dates to 1892 or later, again consistent with it being EKC. The front opens to set the aperture. The hinges are sound. There is some movement in the lens / shutter assembly - beware when experimenting!

Note too that the label inside the front opening carries the name "Eastman Kodak Company" plus the remains of the label telling the user to specify for 'No 4 Kodak' when ordering supplies.

The camera came with its original leather case. The stitching on one corner has separated (could be repaired) and the fastening clips have broken.


Early Kodak stringset cameras are quite hard to find in Europe.