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No 3 Autographic Kodak Special Camera

Eastman Kodak Company

Name: No 3 Autographic Kodak Special
Manufacturer: Eastman Kodak Co.
Country of Origin: USA
Construction: This is essentially a version of the No 3 Folding Pocket Kodak but finished to a much higher quality with Persian Morocco covering and better quality lens and shutter.
Production Period: 1914 - 1926


Plate / Film Size: A118 rollfilm (3¼" x 4¼")
Lens: TT & H Cooke Kodak Anastigmat f6.3
Shutter: Bausch & Lomb Compur (1 - 1/250, B, T)
Movements: Rise and cross front
Dimensions (w x h x l): 205 x 115 x 45mm (closed)
Date of this Example: 1916
Serial Number: 7110
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Inventory Number: 549

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The No 3 Autographic Kodak Special has Persian morocco covering and is equipped with better quality lens & shutter than the conventional No 3 Folding Pocket Kodak. In this instance it has a Cooke Kodak Anastigmat in a B & L Compur shutter. According to Coe [4], this dates the camera to 1916 from a production period that extended from 1914 to 1926.

The camera has a reversible reflecting finder with spirit level (dry), rising and cross front, rack & pinion fine focus and dual scales for film and plates.

The camera is in very good condition, with very slight signs of wear and some verdigris developing on exposed metal parts.

Purchased in the US.


The No 3 Autographic Kodak Special is quite hard to find. I had to purchase this one in the US although I only paid a comparatively modest amount for it - before postage costs at least!