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No 3A Signal Corps Model K-3 Camera

Eastman Kodak Company

Name: No 3A Autographic Kodak Special
Manufacturer: Eastman Kodak Co.
Country of Origin: USA
Construction: The camera is a modified version of the No 3A Autographic Kodak Special camera but finished in brown leather with tan bellows and gun metal grey fittings.
Production Period: 1916

This is a military version of the 3A Autographic Kodak Special produced during the First World War.

Variant / Model: No 3A Signal Corps Model K-3
Plate / Film Size: A122 rollfilm (3¼" x 5½")
Lens: Bausch & Lomb f6.3 Tessar
Shutter: Wollensak Optimo Shutter
Movements: Rising and cross front
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: c1916
Serial Number: Signal Corp serial No 13 on front outside and repeated on inside of lens board. Kodak serial 31513 on support stand.
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Inventory Number: 365

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The No 3A Signal Corps Model K-3 is a military version of the No 3A Autographic Kodak Special, made for the U.S. Signal Corps.

It has smooth brown leather covering, tan bellows and gunmetal fittings. The tan leather bellows in good order, with minor staining and edge wear. The leather covering is in good condition, with the only significant damage being to the bottom right rounded edge where the leather is scuffed. There are some marks and scrapes on the gun metal finish, especially at the base of the lens standard.

The camera is serialised on the front, embossed into leather as "K3 No 13", and also on the roundel on the inside of the lens board.

The shutter is loose on its mounting and will slide from side to side by a millimetre or so - unclear why, but does not affect display.


According to McKeown, only 100 of these were made and it is described as rare.