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No 2A Folding Pocket Brownie

Eastman Kodak Company

Name: No 2A Folding Pocket Brownie
Type: Folding (rollfilm)
Manufacturer: Eastman Kodak Company
Country of Origin: US
Construction: Horizontal format folding rollfilm camera where the lens standard is pulled out on a track fixed to the metal baseboard. Leatherette covering over rectangular metal body. Hinged back. Metal lens panel. Brilliant finder fixed to one side of the baseboard, which can be rotated through 90 degrees to allow the camera to be used in portrait or landscape orientation. Focusing scale and focus lock on baseboard.
Production Period: 1910 - 1915


Plate / Film Size: 116 rollfilm (for pictures 2½" x 4¼")
Lens: Meniscus achromatic
Shutter: Brownie Automatic
Movements: None
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: c1911
Serial Number: Serial 40534 embossed into the leatherette on the underside
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Inventory Number: 211

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This example of the No 2A Folding Pocket Brownie camera is in reasonably good condition, although I suspect it has had some restoration work carried out before I bought it.

The camera has maroon bellows with metal lens standard. Introduced in 1910, but all with black bellows by 1912, from serial 62551 (according to Coe [4]). So the serial of this example (40534) puts it in the 1911 era. While generally in good order, it does appear that it has previously been treated with dye. It has only minor damage to the leather covering and some corrosion on the brightwork.


This is the larger of the two Folding Pocket Brownie cameras (No 2, No 2A); the larger sizes were identified as Folding Brownie cameras (No 3, No 3A).

Note that the No 2A Folding Pocket Brownie is the only one of the set that appears to have had an all metal body; in all other cases the baseboard was wooden even if the body shell was metal.