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No 1 Kodak Camera (Centenary Replica)

Eastman Kodak Company / Early Music Workshop

Name: No 1 Kodak Camera (Centenary Replica)
Manufacturer: Early Music Workshop
Country of Origin: UK
Construction: Accurate but non-working replica of the No 1 Kodak stringset camera made in 1988 to celebrate the Kodak Centenary by the Early Music Workshop in Bradford, UK.
Production Period: 1988

The film, lens and shutter attributes defined in the table below relate to the original No 1 Kodak; the replica is non-functional.

Plate / Film Size: 100 exposure rollfilm (darkroom loaded)
Lens: Periscopic
Shutter: Sector
Movements: None
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: 1988
Serial Number: Serial number 471 (of 2500) on top / rear of the camera body.
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  • Uncommon [x]
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  • Scarce [ ]
Inventory Number: 84

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Boxed limited edition replica of the No 1 Kodak Camera made for the Kodak Centenary to coincide with the opening of the National Museum of Photography.

I bought this reproduction set from somebody who used to work for Kodak on exhibitions. It was presented to them on leaving the UK Company, apparently in the early 1990s.

The replica is complete with its white cardboard packaging in good order (some external marking) and documentation - National Museum of Photography booklet describing the history of the camera and a reproduction of the original instruction manual for the camera.


These are certainly easier to find than the original camera! One or two tend to turn up for sale each year, generally in condition similar to this example.