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No 1 Folding Pocket Kodak

Eastman Kodak Company

Name: No 1 Folding Pocket Kodak
Manufacturer: Eastman Kodak Co.
Country of Origin: USA
Construction: The camera underwent significant design changes, starting from the same basic design as the original Folding Pocket Kodak but then moving to having a self-erecting lens standard and a fold-up bed that covered over the lens when closed.
Plate / Film Size: 105 rollfilm (12 pictures 2¼" x 3¼")
Movements: None
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Production Period: 1899 - 1915

The No 1 Folding Pocket Kodak camera was initially introduced as the Folding Pocket Kodak, but was subsequently designated the No 1 Folding Pocket Kodak upon the introduction of other sizes.

The No 1 Folding Pocket Kodak camera underwent a series of design changes during its early production. The initial version, identified as the Model B, was essentially the same as the original Folding Pocket Kodak but has two larger finder windows on the front panel. Thereafter a sequence of design changes occurred with the models identified as C, D & E.

Model C introduced a form that was to set the path towards the familiar folding bed format, although this early design had a self-erecting lens panel. It also had twin finders (one for portrait and one for landscape).

Model D had a single reversible finder and a series of improvements to the shutter.

Model E adopted a metal face plate on the lens panel to replace the wooden panel used on the Models C & D.

Model / Variant: Model C (Twin Finders)
Lens: Achromatic f11
Shutter: Pocket Automatic
Date of this Example: 1905 - 1907
Serial Number: Serial number 137804 stamped into aluminium base inside.
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Inventory Number: 388

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Twin finder model of the No 1 Folding Pocket Kodak, only manufactured from 1905 to 1907 (data from Coe). Serial number is 137804. According to Coe [4], serials ran from 130201 to 145240 between June 1905 and Feb 1907, so this example may well date to early in 1906.

Generally in good order, the most obvious sign of wear being that the bellows have faded, particularly on the top face. Leather covering is in good order.

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Model / Variant: Model E (with black bellows)
Lens: Achromatic f11
Shutter: Pocket Automatic
Date of this Example: c1912
Serial Number: Serial #188901 stamped into top face in leather.
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Inventory Number: 113

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Late model of the No 1 Folding Pocket Kodak with black bellows (as supplied, not replaced). Coe [4] states that all models had black bellows beyond serial number 178,201 (October 1912). Examples that were shipped to the UK after August 1911 were fitted with black bellows.


It is possible to collect a number of variations of this form of camera, particularly if you include the original and other formats such as the No 0 Folding Pocket Kodak and the No 1A Folding Pocket Kodak. They could make quite a display all on their own! Many are not too hard to find. The twin finder model is perhaps one of the most sought after by collectors.