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No 0 Brownie Camera

Eastman Kodak Company

Name: No 0 Brownie Camera
Manufacturer: Eastman Kodak Co.
Country of Origin: USA
Construction: Simple construction of card with a wooden film carrier. The back is hinged at the lower edge and kept closed by a simple sprung clip on the top face.
The camera has two reflecting viewfinders.
Production Period: 1914 - 1935 (US)
1928 - 1930 (UK - assembly)


Plate / Film Size: 127 rollfilm (1⅝" x 2½")
Lens: Meniscus
Shutter: Rotary
Movements: None
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: c1930
Serial Number: None
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Inventory Number: 107

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The No 0 Brownie Camera consists is a simple box camera for 127 film size. According to Coe [4], it was made in the US over a long period but assembled in the UK in 1929-1930.

This example is generally good condition, with only minor marking to surface and limited corrosion to metalwork, which is otherwise bright.


The No 0 Brownie Camera is sometime mistakenly identified as the smallest box camera produced by Kodak. It is not - that honour goes to the No 00 Premo Box Camera.