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Brownie Gift Box

Eastman Kodak Company

Name: Brownie Gift Box / Brownie No 2 Box Camera
Manufacturer: Eastman Kodak Co.
Country of Origin: USA
Construction: Gift box set based upon the Brownie No 2 Model F
Production Period: 1924


Model / Variant: Model F
Plate / Film Size: 120 rollfilm
Lens: Meniscus
Shutter: Rotary
Movements: None
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: 1924
Serial Number: None
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Inventory Number: 452

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Brownie Gift Box set, including No 2 Brownie Model F, instruction booklet (dated May 1924), No 1 portrait attachment, unused photograph album and "At Home with the Kodak" book, all in the original box. Three items are missing from the set - a pair of 120 films and a tube of Kodak photo paste.

The box is very good condition, although the top face is grubby and dulled. The sides and ends are still bright, with only slight edge damage. One scene is a snow Christmas scene; the reverse side a summer shot.

Brownie Gift Set Advert
Brownie Gift Set Advert The Brownie Gift Box was a presentation set aimed at the 1924 Christmas market, as shown by the full page colour advert taken from "The Companion for all the Family", dated November 1924.

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The advert is quite clearly aimed at children.

The set contains a No 2 Brownie box camera, in this case the Model F with sliding catch and detachable back, which corresponds with the 1924 date of the advert.


These sets turn up quite rarely - I have seen only two examples listed in the last 10 years, both in the US and in varying states of completeness.