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Patent Etui Camera

K.W. (Kamera Werkstätten A.G.)

Name: Patent Etui
Manufacturer: K.W. (Kamera Werkstätten A.G.)
Country of Origin: Germany
Construction: Folding-bed plate camera of aluminium construction, but cleverly designed to fold up to be very thin when closed. Leather covered, but offered in a number of colours as well as the more common black finish.
Production Period: 1921 - ?


Model / Variant: DeLuxe Model
Plate / Film Size: 6.5 x 9 cm plates
Lens: Zeiss Tessar f4.5
Shutter: Compur shutter
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
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Inventory Number: 69

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Patent Etui camera with brown leather covering and brown double extension bellows (rather than the more common black) with rack and pinion focussing.

The camera came complete with ground glass screen, film pack and blanking plate, all with matching crested brown leather covering, plus a set of numbered metal dark slides.

This example carries a sellers label on the inside of the lens board that reads "Supplied by T.D.Wheeler, Francis Summers Studio, Loughborough".


According to McKeown [1], the camera was available in red, blue, green, brown or grey as well as the more common black leather finish.