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Prize Outfit

W. Hume

Name: Prize Outfit
Manufacturer: W. Hume
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Production Period: Unknown
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Plate / Film Size: ½ plate
Lens: Marked W Hume, Optician, Edinburgh f8
Shutter: None
Movements: Rising front; tilting back with limited swing
Date of this Example: c1895
Serial Number: Serial 125 stamped into rear panel beneath ground glass frame in two places and on inside edge of ground glass frame itself.
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Inventory Number: 538


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The Hume Prize Outfit is a well made ½ plate self-casing field camera of good quality Honduran mahogany, using finger joints at the corners. The camera carries a clear label on the back identifying the camera name as "Prize Outfit" and the maker.

Solid base board with tripod mount. Slight damage to underside, with marking from tripod mounting and a split on one edge panel. In all other respects the wooden body is in very good condition.

The camera has fairly standard movements: rising front and tilting back with limited swing. An unusual design feature is that the slots for the rear standard are cut directly into the wood, rather than by being fashioned in brass.

The lens is marked with makers name in original velvet lined case. Lacquered finish is consequently in very good condition. It came with one brass bound DDS (unmarked and may not be original to the camera) and a canvas bag (again, probably not original).

The camera has square section, tapered black leather double extension bellows in good order with no obvious faults or repairs.

Notes for Collectors

Channing & Dunn (British Camera Makers [2]) date this camera to 1895 and the BJPA for 1895 carries a two page advert for this camera.