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Ensign Focal Plane Rollfilm Reflex

Houghton-Butcher Manufacturing Co Ltd.

Name: Ensign Focal Plane Rollfilm Reflex
Manufacturer: Houghton-Butcher Manufacturing Co Ltd.
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Construction: Essentially a box rollfilm camera form, but with a reflex mirror assembly and viewing hood built into the camera.
Production Period: TBD


Plate / Film Size: 2B (120)
Lens: Aldis-Butcher Anastigmatic f4.5, 4.25"
Shutter: Focal plane shutter, 25-500, T
Movements: None
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: c1929
Serial Number: Serial E9782 impressed into inside of base, revealed once the camera is opened.  Lens serial #147376.
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Inventory Number: 256

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Box-form SLR with tall folding hood. Carries name plate on metal cover over hood. According to McKeown, the camera only adopted this name for a time, otherwise being known as "Ensign Speed Film Reflex".

Camera in good order, with little damage to the leather work as it has been stored in a sturdy leather case. Shutter apparently operational - but I have not (yet) dared to try it.

The hood is difficult to unfold and refold afterwards on this example, so care is needed.

Camera came in an original brown leather case, lined with red velvet. The hinge on the lid has given out.


This camera is uncommon and examples that appear can often be in quite poor condition.