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Heag XVI Camera

Ernemann AG

Name: Heag XVI
Manufacturer: Heinrich Ernemann AG
Country of Origin: Germany
Construction: Plate camera with detachable rollfilm back, which can be removed with the film still loaded.
Production Period: 1909 - 1918


Plate / Film Size: 9 x 12 cm plates or rollfilm
Lens: Aplanat-Symetrical f6.8 Serial No 217319
Shutter: Ernemann Patent shutter
Movements: Horizontal and vertical shift on lens standard
Dimensions (w x h x l): 12 x 23 x 4.5 cm (closed)
Date of this Example: c1910
Serial Number: Serial (?) 492 stamped into inside of rollfilm back and repeated on rear face of main body (so both numbers only visible when parts are separated)
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Inventory Number: 613


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The Ernemann Heag XVI is a combination camera for 9 x 12cm plates and rollfilm; the rollfilm back has its own dark slide allowing it to be removed with the film still loaded.

Both film and plate share a common focus position, which is uncommon. More usually there are two different focus scales.

The leather covered metal body is in very good condition. The plate camera detaches from the back quite easily, although several slivers of wood have come away from the rails that engage the back, probably as a result of it being forced into position. The Dark slide in the rollfilm back still present, but is only about 1 cm in depth - the main part of the dark slide has clearly broken off at some point and has been lost.This should be full depth so that it could be inserted to protect the film if the back was removed.

Black leather tapered, chamfered edge, double extension bellows in very good condition.

Rising and cross front movements. Spirit level (now dry) mounted on folding waste level viewfinder assembly. Attached shutter release is frayed but still functional.

Spools are mounted into metal carriers that slide into recesses in the body of the camera, which I have not encountered elsewhere. The camera has two wooden core spools labelled "Plavic Lyon". However it appears that the winder key is faulty as the keyway needed to engage with slotted end of the spool beneath the winder is missing.