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Snapshot Camera

Dallmeyer / Houghton-Butcher

Name: Snapshot Camera
Manufacturer: Dallmeyer / Houghton-Butcher
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Construction: Strut form folding camera, pressed metal case
Production Period:  


Model / Variant: Strut form (as opposed to folding model)
Plate / Film Size: 6 x 9 cm filmpacks
Lens: Dallmeyer Anastigmat f6 (focussing)
Shutter: Two speeds and B
Movements: None
Date of this Example: c1929
Serial Number: Lens serial 124826.  No serial found on body.
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Inventory Number: 478


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The Dallmeyer Snapshot is a cross-swinging strut design, made for Dallmeyer by Houghton-Butcher but fitted with a Dallmeyer lens. It is of quite simple construction, with the front and rear sections being of simple pressed steel. The surface finish is somewhat similar to the Japan crystal finish on Kodak VP cameras.

The camera is in good order, with very little damage to the surface finish.


This style is listed in McKeown. However I believe that there is also a much less common conventional folding style with the same name, which I am sure I saw (boxed) at Photographica on the same day as I bought this example, but I have never seen another.