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Stereoscopic Professional

Conley Camera Co.

Name: Stereoscopic Professional
Manufacturer: Conley Camera Co
Country of Origin: USA
Construction: Standard American pattern of self-casing hand camera for stereo pictures.
Production Period:  


Plate / Film Size: 5 x 7 plates
Lens: Missing
Shutter: Wollensak Regular double valve stereo shutter
Movements: Front rise & shift
Dimensions (w x h x l):  
Date of this Example: c1908
Serial Number: None found
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Inventory Number: 258


Hand & stand camera for stereo images on 5 x 7 plates.

When purchased, the camera was missing the complete stereo lens assembly. A single lens board was supplied with the camera, but is clearly not original. I was lucky enough to buy a Wollensak Regular double valve stereo shutter separately and had a new lens board cut to accommodate the shutter.

The leather on the camera body covering has some damage with one piece missing on the rotating back, of about a square inch in size. There is other minor damage, notably one end of the inner focus range plate is missing, as is one fixing screw for the bed support. The closing mechanism is broken (part missing).

In other respects the camera is in good condition. The inner woodwork is in nice order and the bellows are a deep red colour and in good condition. The ground glass screen is present and intact. The camera is missing the septum.

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