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No 9 Ansco


Name: No 9 Ansco
Manufacturer: ANSCO
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Production Period:  


Model / Variant: Model A
Plate / Film Size: 3 x 5 rollfilm (Vidil)
Lens: Wollensak Optical Co
Shutter: Cyko Automatic (T, B, 1/25 - 1/100)
Dimensions (h x l x w):  
Date of this Example: c1905
Serial Number: Inside rear door carries the stamped number 228
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Inventory Number: 166


Horizontal format folding camera. Leather is slightly worn. Internal wood has a wonderful patina. Nickel plated parts show signs of corrosion and loss of plate. Lens/shutter is in good condition as is the shutter. Viewfinder fixed to base board with cover. Leather has lost some of its colour but is not scuffed; strap present.

Camera back has door to reveal ground glass screen (glass not original) - this is a Vidil back. ANSCO produced Vidil film which had sections of film interspersed with waxed paper. When wound to the wax paper, the back could be opened and the affect approximated to a ground glass screen. The camera was focussed and then the back closed before advancing to the film itself to take the photo.

Camera came with original Ansco leather case, though strap is missing. Leather has ripped around closure; otherwise in good order. 

To open the film compartment, push the catch on the front to the right, which then releases the rear door.

Date is based on McKeown [1], which lists the Model B as being introduced in 1906.

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