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Ansco Dollar Camera


Name: Ansco Dollar Camera
Manufacturer: ANSCO
Country of Origin: USA
Production Period: 1910 - 1928


Plate / Film Size: 127 rollfilm
Lens: Simple meniscus?
Shutter: Simple rotary
Dimensions (h x l x w):  
Date of this Example: c1927
Serial Number: None
  • Common [ ]
  • Uncommon [x]
  • Hard to Find [ ]
  • Scarce [ ]
Inventory Number: 154


Very basic black box camera for 127 film size. Also available in burgundy & green. A note in the camera stating film size (in pencil), also carries the date 1927. Camera name stamped into front face (apparently not all carried the name thus).

The camera is in good overall condition with only very minor marking to leatherette and minimal corrosion.

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