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The Adams Vesta

Adams & Co

Name: Vesta
Manufacturer: Adams & Co
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Construction: Folding bellows camera with the lens panel supported by trellis struts. Black leather covering over a metal body .
Production Period: 1910 - ?


Model / Variant: Model A
Plate / Film Size: 2¼ x 3¼ plate & film packs
Lens: Zeiss Tessar f4.5
Shutter: Compound 1-200 TBI, serial 146520
Movements: Rising and cross fronts
Dimensions (h x l x w):  
Date of this Example: TBD
Serial Number: Serial 459 embossed into leather on base and repeated on the lens board.
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Inventory Number: 74


Folding bellows camera with the lens panel supported by trellis struts.  Black leather covering over a metal body. It has an optical viewfinder with the front sight fitted to the rising front of the lens panel thus giving a rising front to the viewfinder.

Very fine condition. The only obvious fault is that the spirit level bubble is dry!

Separate case takes 5 plate holders and the ground glass screen, all in near perfect order. Camera fitted with the film pack holder, still with 5 films in place. Also includes short metal clad cable release.

Original leather case with gold name plate within, velvet lined.

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This camera was obtained from a seller in the US who had in turn acquired it from an antiques shop in Los Angeles, where he had spotted it in the shop window.