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Rajar Box Camera

APeM (Amalgamated Photographic Manufacturers)

Name / Model: Rajar Box Camera
Manufacturer: APeM (Amalgamated Photographic Manufacturers)
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Production Period: 1929 - ?


Plate / Film Size: "Specially designed for Rajar No 6 films" (2 x 3)
Lens: Unknown
Shutter: Simple flip-flop shutter
Dimensions (h x l x w):  
Date of this Example: c1929
Serial Number: None
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Inventory Number: 328

Image of Rajar No 6 Box Camera (with box)


The Rajar Box Camera is a basic black box camera of metal construction.  The Rajar name is embossed into the leather handle.

Image of Rajar No 6 Box Camera

The film details recorded in the table above have been taken from a label inside the camera (2 x 3).

Image of Rajar No 6 Box Camera (film label)

The camera came with the lower half of an original packing box, which has remains of tape on the base that states "The only film for this camera 'Rajar'". The lid of the box is missing.

Also with the camera were the original fold up instructions, again showing the Rajar script. The instructions are in good condition, although just starting to tear along the folds. Click on the image to open a pdf scan of the instructions. (Use the back key to return to this page).

Image of Rajar No 6 Box Camera Instructions


Image of BDV Coupon, Rajar Cameras Image of BDV Coupon, Rajar Cameras

This camera was generally (and possibly exclusively) distributed through premium schemes. The images to the left show a scan of the two sides of a premium token from Godfrey Phillips (makers of cigarettes and other tobacco products) that lists both the Rajar No 6 Folding camera and the box camera.

The form of the partial packing box that came with the camera also strongly suggests it was a premium camera.